My Story

Just so you know I am a head case. Yup you heard me right, but first things first. Prior to getting sick, I was a full time dental hygienist for 12 years and a NPC bodybuilding competitor.  I up until this point had only had issues medically with PCOS and thyroiditis. In 2014 I started having flue-like symptoms.  This included: nausea, dizziness, migraines, muscle pain, muscle spasms, chills, sweats, ringing and pressure in ears, joint pain, extreme fatigue, tremors that waxed and waned in intensity and seizure-like episodes.  I saw a neurologist I was thinking at that point I had MS.  The neurologist started asking me a series of questions, one being if I had ever had a head injury.  I had to explain to her that I had a very abusive ex-husband that had banged my head into concrete before I left him.  Well that is where all of a sudden every physical ailment I had now becomes a result of PTSD.  She of course sent me to counceling because this was all clearly mental.  Now I am not trying to down-play PTSD.  It certainly can effect you physically in many ways, and I am not trying to say I didn’t have any PTSD, but once you get that label it becomes an easy go-to and kind of a “blinder” for any doctor you deal with moving forward.  Well, I did counceling moving forward and I was getting worse not better so I sought out a second opinion.  I went and saw a Rochester Mayo neurologist.  He ran a series of movement disorder tests and a lyme test.  He came back and told me my lyme test is positive but he thinks it’s just a false positive and he agrees with the other neurologist that this is all PTSD related.  I left the office crying my eyes out feeling like he didn’t care I was sick and wondering why he assumed the lyme test was false when I have never been treated for lyme.  I went looking for another doctor and by the grace of God and by help from a neighbor I was able to get in with a wonderful, caring doctor that specializes in lyme.  He felt I had classic lyme disease symptoms. He tested me and I had a positive ELISA and on the Western it was positive by ILADS standards but not CDC standards on my first western. We started treatment right away.  He warned me that since I probably had the disease a very long time that it would be a long road and there may be some things that don’t quite get back to normal.  After like a month or two of treating, he retested the Western Blot and now more bands showed up and it was CDC positive.  Well I have been treating since 2015 along the way I have found out I also have Dysautonomia, and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome which is not uncommon with people with chronic lyme issues.  

My Mission

 Needless to say my illness has completely changed my life.  I lost my job, my identity, and my hope along the way.  I was in so much misery being sick all the time that I just kept searching and searching for an answer as to why I can’t get better and trying to figure out if there is something was some other underlying condition we were missing.  It consumed my life until I realized that I was no longer living my life.  Well, I guess I realized it with the help of my husband pointing it out to me.  He was right.  I personally had to come to a point where I just accept this may be my life for the rest of my life so I better find a way to make the best of it.  I also am a Christian and learned I needed to lean on God a little more.  I wanted to do this blog to help other chronic warriors out there live the best life they can given their circumstances. On my days I have enough spoons, I want to share with you helpful things I have learned along the way. I am by no means a doctor and you should always consult their advice first.  I have spent a lot of time studying natural medicine on my own and did a certificate program through Natural Health School by the late Dr. Duane Weed. We can find hope together and not give up on living a well-lived life.

My Family

We live on a small and I mean small farm in De Soto, Wisconsin. I live with my wonderful husband Tad, and our three boys: Trevor, Brett, and Collin.  We have some beef, chickens, and raise a few pastured pigs.  We don’t have to many of anything, but a lot of everything.  We also have an adult daughter named Taylor who is living on her own.  Having three boys in the house keeps things interesting.  There is never a dull moment.  

My youngest son Collin 

our dog Rocky

One of my hospital treatments

My older boys Trevor and Brett

with their show steers