I want to cause a huge flare up of symptoms and maybe even add cancer to my list of illnesses.  Ok nobody has said that ever!  But, do you realize that some of the everyday products you are using may potentially be doing that? We can absorb up to 60% of what we put on our skin. Children absorb even more than adults. There are lots of health risks associated with toxic chemicals that are added to our skin care and cosmetics.  We should not have to compromise our health for beauty.  But fear not, with some knowledge you can make informed decisions about what you purchase and hopefully not compromise your health any further.

I will be going through a list of ingredients with you that could potentially be harmful and you should try to avoid in your products.  Remember to read labels, keep your products as close to nature as you can, and a lot of times less is more. So here we go:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Sometimes this will be listed as sls. You will find this ingredient in most soaps and cosmetics on the shelf.  SLS is what makes most soaps really foamy.  It is a strong degreaser, but will dry out skin and hair.  For some individuals it could cause inflammation of their skin and contact eczema.

Mineral Oil: Another popular additive. Probably the most used.  It can attract dirt and clog pores.  The oil also speeds up the aging process from free radical damage.

Parafin Jelly: This is derived from petrolatum. It is not absorbed by the skin and suffocates pores.

Waxes: These are used in moisturizers often.  Waxes clog pores causing acne and blackheads.

Acetone: Used mostly in nail polish removers, nail polish, astringents, and clarifying lotions.  This chemical is toxic.  It speeds up the aging process and dehydrates skin.

Propylene Glycol: This is another petroleum by product that can weaken protien and cellular structure.

FD&C Colors: They are synthetic petroleum based dyes which are toxic and should be avoided if possible. Some synthetic colors are made from coal tar and contain heavy metal salts that deposit into the skin.  The absorption could cause irritation, and may be carcinogenic.

Triclosan: This is a synthetic antibacterial.  It is labeled as a chlorophenol which mean it is suspected to be a carcinogen.

Pthalates: These are in lots of products but never make it onto the ingredient list.  Potential side-effects could be decreased sperm count in men, early breast developement in boys and girls, and damage to liver or kidneys.

Parabens: These are also not always listed on the labels.  It is a preservative in many deodorants and skin care products.  They have been found in breast cancer tumors and could cause hormone imbalances.

Dioxin: Dioxin you may not find listed in the ingredients but it it often there. Usually in anti-bacterials like emulsifiers, triclosan or SLS. Dioxin could potentially effect your nervous system, lower immunity, and cause cancer.

DEA, MEA, TEA: This is a foam booster that can cause irritation to eyes and skin. It is able to easily accumulate in body potentially causing problems with organs.

Okay so there you have a list of 12 to be on the watch out for.  It is not an exhaustive list of all toxic chemicals, but the most common ones usually put in our everyday products.  So now what? I would check the ingredients in what you are currently using and if you are not liking what you read than it is time to shop.  I will list a few good brands here and what I personally use, but there are lots of good brands out there.  I do not get any type of compensation for the brands I am sharing.

I have been using L’BRI skincare for sometime now.  It has high quality natural ingredients and leaves the junk out.  My sister-in-law sells it I will share her web site in case you are interested. https://lbri.com/?fbclid=IwAR22r5PGhWRLEOSkj-SR6t5yLHdoUquJoDe5WlegWY-xQ83WqLSar2ELgX0  

I have heard excellent things about the company Primarily Pure.  They can be found here https://primallypure.com/

The Eminence line is another you could take a look at https://www.eminenstore.com/?msclkid=7598560b9f031a7fc1950aea58e9b07d&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Branded&utm_term=eminenceorganics&utm_content=Organic

Again these are just a few examples of many fish in the sea.  Bottom line is, if you are like me and take a ton of medications and supplements everyday, and go to a million dr. appointments in desperation to feel better, don’t forget to take a look at these areas you may not be thinking of.  If you are giving your health all your time, money, and effort I would hate to see you fall short from being poisoned by these chemicals.  We can never protect ourselves from everything we don’t live in a bubble.  But sometimes small efforts add up over time and can make a difference.  Good luck beautiful!