Recently I had to travel to Pewaukee, which is a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  My son was to perform in a football combine there and so we decided to get a hotel room close to where the combine was being held.The sponsors putting on this combine had recommended Holiday Inn Pewaukee-West.

My medical condition is unpredictable and I never know how I will feel from one day to the next.  With this said, I love to travel but I also get anxiety from it.  Lately my mobility has been challenged.  I have neuromuscular issues, and dysautonomia.  My dysautonomia causes me to have dizzy spells and sometimes even pass out. So with that said, for safety reasons on days my muscles, and/or dizzy spells are acting up I use either a cane or rollator.  Being only 38 years old, this causes me to sometimes receive some funny looks.  I myself am still trying to adjust to be honest.

When we arrived to the Holiday Inn, I wasn’t sure if we would be able to check in because we had gotten into town earlier than check in time.  That day I happened to be hobbling in with my cane.  The young lady at the front desk greeted me with a friendly smile and hello.  I asked if I room would perhaps be ready early. She looked at her computer and because she noticed my walking difficulty replied, “absolutely would you like me to move you to the first floor so it is easy to get to?”  I told her that would be great! I was very impressed with her customer service and compassion.

As we walked to our room in passing, I noticed they had multiple rooms with a handicap accessible sign on them.  When we got into our room, I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful and clean it was.  The sheets had nice creases in them and bright white I had no concerns with the integrity of cleanliness.  The bathroom was large and the tub was a deep one.

We had all three of our sons with on this trip.  After we settled in, the boys were ready to go check out the pool.  The pool and hot tub area was very clean.  It was the most organized pool room I have seen.  There were nicely rolled pool towels on tables and a rack full of clean towels.  To my surprise, I looked over to the hot tub and saw there was a chair lift there.  Now I personally don’t use a wheelchair yet, but I was happy to see it was there for my fellow friends that do. So after hanging out in the pool area with the boys, we went to supper.  Right at the hotel was Thunder Bay Restaurant.  We chose to go there do to convenience.  Not only did this restaurant end up being convenient, but it was delicious too!  It happened to be their Friday fish special. They had an enormous salad bar for those who got the special.  The atmosphere was very nice also.

Once we settled into the room for the night I decided to take a closer look at their policies in the binder. It states Holiday Inn is committed to providing accessible facilities for all travelers with disabilities.  It provides contact numbers for you if you have any accommodation needs. They also had a section stating that service pets would be allowed free of charge.  I thought that was great.

Over all I was extremely pleased with our stay at Holiday Inn Pewaukee-west and would recommend it to any of my fellow disabled friends.